Sensorische Tests


Sensory Evaluations

Sensory evaluations regarding half-side tests

In the classic half-side test, numerous parameters are sensory evaluated by trained specialists depending on the task according to standardized methods and validated with the previously described measurement methods. The evaluation takes place according to a trained SEI index (Sensory Evaluation Index).

sections regarding sensory evaluation

Examples of the parameters to be determined are as follows:

  • Consistency
  • Handle
  • Spreadability
  • Foam boost
  • Foam handle
  • Foam quantity
  • Rinsability
  • Fertility
  • Finger grip when rinsing
  • Detangling of wet hair
  • Combability of wet hair
  • Finger grip of wet hair
  • Finger grip of dry hair
  • Anti-frizz effect
  • Smoothing effect
  • Bounce
  • Volume induction
  • Gloss
  • Dry hair combability
  • Antistatic
  • Build Up
  • Color removal
  • Combing out

Sensory evaluation of alpha testing

The Alpha test is a subjective test of formulations on selected subjects, conducted under closed testing conditions by third parties and not by the developers themselves. The test proceeds under sensitive and constant observation by experts to identify any abnormalities. The evaluation of two samples on a hair matrix in vivo is performed as a standard half-side test. The corresponding parameters are compared by specially trained operators. The half-side test as an optimal method of comparison of two formulations is performed discretely under standard conditions in specially designed test salon rooms. The parameters in the half-side test vary for the different product groups shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair gel, hair foam, colorants and other products. The test subjects are recruited according to the product requirements. The determined parameters are prepared in an appealing and transparent way as a report and animated presentation (including video material). Furthermore, the sensory recorded parameters are related to in vivo measurement methods. A check of these measurement results for coherence with respect to the sensory recorded results substantiates a salon test.

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Sensory evaluation of beta testing

The beta test is a subjective test of formulations on test subjects corresponding to the situation of an everyday hairdressing business day. Here, the formulation is performed as a whole-head application corresponding to an everyday routine. It is thus a first, controlled release of formulations under open test conditions. The parameters selected by a previously compiled portfolio are documented and put in relation to a coupled alpha test as precursor. Here facts of the everyday life crystallize regarding a market acceptance, which emerge from an alpha test only as prognoses. Beta tests thus provide information from real customer business in the shortest possible time. Our pool of test salons includes more than 1700 partners in the hairdressing and cosmetics sector.

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