Nature blueprint

About bpc specialties

Among other things, bpc specialties is active in the fields of hair, skin and body care, medical cosmetics and hygiene and disinfectant products.

Solutions from bpc specialties are used in a variety of ways

The focus of bpc specialties is on various fields of activity for corporate customers and industry professionals.

In the various areas, our solid base of summarized knowledge, know-how and solutions from the last 20 years enables us to provide forward-looking innovations for implementable single-case or complete solutions.

The foundation: biomimetics

Our passion and the foundation of our work is biomimetics, i.e. the development of biomimetic processes, construction principles and materials.

Living organisms have developed extremely well adapted structures and materials through natural selection since the beginning of geological time. For our technologies, we therefore draw inspiration from biological solutions from the macro to the nano scale. Nature has optimally solved problems for humans, animals and plants, for example, such as self-healing powers and tolerance and resistance to environmental influences as self-organizing systems. In our fields of activity, we look to nature for answers to problems that we want to solve in new and sustainable ways.

Biopolymers are at the center of our work, as people can learn a lot here from nature's blueprint. The reason is the compatibility of biopolymers for humans and nature. Biopolymer is produced in the plant or animal cell. It has a variety of functions in nature: Biopolymers are, for example, components of structures in nature (e.g. cell walls or tissue), are active components of metabolism.

Another essential characteristic of biopolymers is that they repel harmful external influences. At the same time, however, they are extremely well tolerated by humans or animals and harmless to nature: more than 95% of all biopolymer types have no side effects on the human or animal body. They are also at the same time quickly and 100% biodegradable.

Our understanding of biopolymers is thus an important basis for discovering highly efficient and compatible active ingredients without side effects for humans and nature. These active ingredients can ultimately be used as substitutes for substances of concern such as microplastics and silicones. bpc specialties is particularly dedicated to a special biopolymer: chitosan. This valuable active ingredient from terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna has multiple functions in nature.

The goals of bpc specialties

In our human and corporate actions, we are guided by four goals:

  • Holistic, innovative thinking.
  • Sustainable, long-term and self-sufficient solutions.
  • Acting responsibly and in partnership.
  • Promoting the welfare of people and nature.

In developing specific solutions for the individual needs of our customers, we rely on trust and partnership.